Attention: this is the development server!
Patch Note


  • Feather Wolf Wild Hunting Exp
  • Lath'rakan Guardian Outfit

Server Function

  • Imperial Delivery Box increase to max 1000 for Day


  • Girin's Tear - Red Battlefield: 10% higher knowledge -> Damage +10 Demihumans
  • Radiant Petal -> Fragment for Make New Hp infinite Potion
  • Evoluzione Vitale -> New Hp infinite Potion Hp Recovey 325 every 2sec


How to Obtain: Processing (L) - Simple Alchemy with the following materials

  • Ornette's Spirit Essence x1
  • Radiant Petal x100


Increased Drop

  • Dragon Fang
  • Life Spirit Stone

Oze Pass

  • Oze pass kill missions that give fail stacks as rewards a one time family quest only
  • 500 fs from Warrior tokens remove them for now

Soldier Cemtery

Added Drop

  • Radiant Petal

Central Market

  • Excluded all elixirs, draughts, perfumes and Yellow and Orange grade meals from the website’s preorder system
  • Increase Market Value all elixirs, draughts, perfumes and all Food itme category