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6. Auto Preorder

How Auto Pre Order works ?


Auto Pre Order is divided into three categories

New Account - Free Account Premium Account

Depending on your category you will have an earlier wait time before your pre-order car is disponibbile on the website and a lower price of taxes to pay in addition to the cost incurred already in the game

Auto Preorder works simply with the game Central Market you will have to as early as put in pre order desired item remembering to be careful not to put in pre order an item that is in the exclusion list for that will not be sold to you with the auto pre order system


Within the auto preorder page you will find a list of items that are excluded and will not be able to be purchased via auto preorder



The tabs marked above in the screenshot above indicate:

One Price indicates:

The cost of the single item you have placed in the pre-order car

Total Price:

Indicates the total cost of the item you have preordered, for example, as in the photo, the elkar crystal there are 3 in the preorder and in the total price tab we see the total cost of the 3 crystals

Pre order Silver:

Is the fee to be paid with the preorder silver previously obtained by converting an item on sale at Central Market in via autobuy
Register Date indicates the date when you placed your preorder